Top 10 FAQ for getting married at SF City Hall

Q1: How do we obtain a marriage license in San Francisco?

A: To obtain a marriage license in San Francisco, both parties must appear in person at the County Clerk's Office at City Hall. You can find detailed information on the process, required documents, and fees on the San Francisco County Clerk's website.

Q2: Is an appointment required for a civil ceremony at City Hall?

A: Yes, appointments are required for civil ceremonies at San Francisco City Hall. You can schedule your ceremony online through the San Francisco County Clerk's website.

Q3: Can we choose our own officiant for the ceremony?

A: No, for civil ceremonies at City Hall, officiants are provided by the County Clerk's office. You may, however, bring a guest officiant, but they must be approved by the County Clerk.

Q4: How many guests are allowed at the civil ceremony?

A: The number of guests allowed for a civil ceremony at City Hall is typically limited. Check with the County Clerk's office for the current guidelines on the number of guests allowed. Last time I checked it was 6.

Q5: Can we bring our own photographer?

A: Yes, you are allowed to bring your own photographer for your City Hall wedding. Make sure your photographer is familiar with the rules and guidelines set by the City Hall for photography.

Q6: Are there additional locations for photography within City Hall?

A: Yes, in addition to the Rotunda and grand staircase, there are various locations within City Hall for photography. These include corridors, mayor's balcony, 4th floor gallery, and the exterior grounds.

Q7: How long does the civil ceremony typically last?

A: Civil ceremonies at City Hall typically last around 10-15 minutes. This includes the exchange of vows and rings, as well as the signing of the marriage license.

Q8: Can we bring our own vows or customize the ceremony?

A: While there are guidelines for the civil ceremony, you may have some flexibility in personalizing your vows. Check with the officiant for any specific restrictions.

Q9: How soon can we get our marriage certificate after the ceremony?

A: After the ceremony, you can request a certified copy of your marriage certificate from the San Francisco County Clerk's office. It's advisable to inquire about the processing times.

Q10: Can we have a small reception at City Hall?

A: City Hall does not typically allow receptions within the building. If you plan to have a celebration, you may consider nearby venues or outdoor spaces in San Francisco.

Again, remember to check with the San Francisco County Clerk's office for the most up-to-date information and guidelines related to getting married at City Hall.