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Celebrity Weddings at SF City Hall: Capturing Love in the Heart of San Francisco

San Francisco City Hall stands as a timeless symbol of romance and elegance, attracting couples from around the world to exchange vows amidst its majestic surroundings. But did you know that some of Hollywood's biggest stars have chosen this iconic venue as the backdrop for their own weddings?

Probably the most famous SF city hall wedding was that of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio in 1954. 

Just married! Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio exit City Hall after a brief wedding ceremony, Getty Image

Although they arrived City Hall with 6 friends in tow. The news of their wedding leaked out. And the whole process became a frenzy.

"According to a report in the San Francisco Examiner the following day, getting the couple out of the building was no easy feat.

They raced down the City Hall corridors pursued by press and public and made the mistake of heading for the Real Estate Department, which leads to exactly nowhere. Then they were forced to double back, dash through the pursuing crowds and run for the elevators. Scores of persons tried to beat them downstairs by running at breakneck speeds down the stairs."

San Francisco City Hall had the couples marriage license on display. Photo Credit: Lily Zhang Photography

Another celebrity couple was from the art world. Frida Carlos and Diego Rivera remarried in 1940 at San Francisco City Hall. Their marriage license was also on display at City Hall.

Photo Credit: Lily Zhang Photography

One of the more recent celebrity marriage at the City Hall is probably the billionaire heiress Ivy Getty's wedding in SF city hall. It not only has star studded guests, but also has Anya Taylor Joy as the maid of honor.

Photo Credit: Vogue/Jose Villa

I would highly recommend you to checkout the wedding photos from this event of a wedding on Vogue to get some inspirations of your own.

In-between these two weddings, former talk show host Rosie O'Donnell and her longtime girlfriend, Kelli Carpenter also got married at San Francisco City Hall via a private ceremony.

So the question is why should you consider getting married at SF City Hall? Here are just a few reasons:

1. Timeless Elegance: With its stunning architecture and historic significance, SF City Hall provides a backdrop of timeless elegance for your wedding day.

2. Intimate Atmosphere: Whether you're planning a small, intimate ceremony or a larger celebration, City Hall offers versatile spaces that can accommodate weddings of all sizes.

3. Stunning Photo Opportunities: From the grand staircase to the beautiful rotunda, SF City Hall provides endless photo opportunities for capturing the magic of your special day.

4. Convenient Location: Located in the heart of San Francisco, City Hall is easily accessible to couples and their guests, making it a convenient choice for weddings.

5. Affordability: Compared to traditional wedding venues, getting married at SF City Hall can be a more budget-friendly option, allowing you to allocate your funds towards other aspects of your wedding day.

As a City Hall photographer, I encourage couples to consider saying "I do" in this historic landmark and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Celebrities are just people in love like you., SF City Hall will offer the perfect setting for celebrating your union and beginning your happily ever after.